Kilmacud Crokes Sports Grant Application Update

As referenced in the recent Club Facilities Development EGM meeting, the club had submitted an application for a sports capital grant relating to an upgrade of Parc De Burca.  We are delighted to inform members that this application has been successful and the club has been granted 200k towards this project.  We will keep members informed of further updates as this evolves and will be coming to you for decisions as and when we get to that stage. We would like to record a note of thanks to everyone involved with the application which has resulted in this successful outcome.

Gym Redevelopment

In a very good news story for the Club the Gym has now re-opened for business following an extensive redevelopment and refurbishment. The work that has been carried out by members themselves has produced a first class facility designed for the needs of the Club membership. The project has been funded by members through their lotto contributions.

A few key points to note :

Access to the Gym is by computer linked fob only. Fobs are available from the Gym management team and a one-off charge of €25 applies (fee covers cost of fob and a contribution to the Gym's maintenance and future development).

All users of the Gym must be members of the Club and have a fob - transfer of fob is absolutely not permitted.

All rules regarding access and use of the gym derive from the need to ensure the Health and Safety of Gym users. The Club will strictly enforce all Gym rules, set down by the Gym management team, which are focussed on Health and Safety as well as protecting the Gym facility itself.

The Gym management team is Gerry McGrath, Michael Durcan, Billy Noctor and John Costelloe.

Enjoy the use of your Club Gym.

Opening of Kilmacud Crokes Gym

Development of the GAA Club Gym has now been completed. The programme of renovation and development has been funded by the Club Lotto and in particular by those members who paid €100 upfront each for two tickets in the Club Lotto per week for a year. That Lotto contribution has produced the funds to create a first class facility designed to meet the gym needs of GAA playing members and other members entitled to use the Gym.

Win One Direction Tickets!

One Direction!!!

No - you did not read this wrong. One Direction are not playing at our M2M Cycle launch event in the club this Friday, 23rd May. But, we do have the next best thing for some lucky members. We have 2 premium level tickets to see the hottest boy band around at their Sunday May 25th gig in Croke Park. Not watching the Crokes or Dubs, but the next best thing. Tickets are worth 350 euro. And they could be yours for the 10 euro price of entry to the raffle for a chance to win them. Tickets available from the club office Wed through Friday or at the launch night itself - this Friday in the club at 7pm.  If you're not in, you can't win. All proceeds from the raffle go towards the fund raising total for the cycle. 

Nursery Rota for the Rest of 2014

The Registration Rota for the Nursery is now available for the remaining dates in 2014. Please see 'Nursery' under 'Teams' in the drop-down menu above.

Update on Club Planning Application

The Executive of the Club is, as you know, working hard to scope out the opportunities for development of our facilities as part of the implementation of our Strategic Plan. Part of that process is to determine the options available on our Glenalbyn site. We have, as you will have seen and been previously advised, applied for planning permission to upgrade and extend Pairc de Burca. The first stage of that planning process is now complete and DLRCC have refused the permission applied for (DLRCC decision is available on their website - ref number D14A/0079). The positive is that the Club is now very clear on the issues to be addressed in order to secure permission for development of Pairc de Burca. The Executive is currently considering the position and will shortly make a decision as to our next step.

It is important to stress that no decision has been made to develop Pairc de Burca. Any such decision will be taken by the members at a general meeting. The Executive is currently engaged only in identifying the possibilities available to the members in terms of developing Pairc de Burca. Further updates will follow in due course.

Training Arrangements for Saturday 29th March

Pairc De Burca is closed today after all the heavy rain so the following alternative arrangements are in place.

Under 10s and Under 11s in Benildus at 12.00

Under 12s in Hurling Arena at 12.00

Under 7s, 8s and 9s in the Paddock as usual at 12.00

Jobs and Careers Night Next Thursday!

The business network's jobs & career's night is NEXT THURSDAY the 27th February in the function room, and we most definitely have JOBS ON OFFER in the room: full time, part time and summer jobs. So if you want a job, be sure to come along and check out the offers. It's also a good chance to network and know who else is around the club to give you help and advice. And don’t forget to bring your CV along to get help from the CV CLINIC, run by experts from Worklink, a voluntary organisation which assists unemployed jobseekers to successfully transition into full employment. Watch the videos here:

Training Arrangements for Saturday 22nd Feb

Training Arrangements for Saturday 22nd February are as follows

Under 12         12-1pm   Glenalbyn

Under 11         12-1pm   Benildus  

Under 10         12.15-1.15   Benildus

Nursery (U9/8/7)  12-1pm  Usual Slot on the Paddock (All Weather Training Pitch in Glenalbyn

Please remember that your membership fees are due since 1st February.  Please pay online by logging on to  Thank you to those who have already paid.  Information regarding picking up the vouchers for the club shop will be issued during the week.  All those paid up children up to and including U15 will receive a 20 euro voucher.

Club Development: A letter from the Club Chairperson

Dear Member,

The Club’s Strategic Plan 2013 – 2016, unanimously adopted by the membership, set out a clear priority around development of the Club’s facilities. The Club Executive is working to develop options for the members to consider at a general meeting. Those options will comprehend the question of the direction the members might decide to take as regards the facility which has been developed in Benildus College, development of Pairc de Burca and any other options identifiable at this time. The Executive intends to consult the members of the Club comprehensively on these matters in the coming couple of months. The plan is to provide full information to members as regards all aspects of the options for development including financial and technical details. The Executive is committed to designing a consultation process which will facilitate full understanding of the matter by all members.

In the meantime the Government has announced a Sports Capital Grant Programme for 2014 with a closing date for application of 28th February 2014. The Executive is convinced that Kilmacud Crokes GAA Club must have its ‘hat in the ring’ for allocations under this Grant Scheme. A proposal, without prejudice to any decisions the members might take as to what actually happens, for funding to support development of Pairc  de Burca is being submitted to the Sports Capital Programme. This may succeed in securing an allocation or it may not. In any event, it will be the members who decide in a general meeting whether to proceed to develop Pairc de Burca.

The requirements of the Sports Capital Programme are that any application must be accompanied by a valid planning application for the project. The Club is therefore applying for planning permission for a project to re-align the avenue on the Shopping Centre side, extend Pairc de Burca and carry out comprehensive drainage and upgrade work on the pitch surface. The application will also include a proposal to Flood Light Pairc de Burca. Clearly, any planning approval received will not lead to initiation of this project unless the members decide to do so. This planning application is being made in order to meet the requirements and timelines of the Sports Capital Grant Scheme 2014. Planning approval for this project does not commit the Club to execute it.

The members will notice standard planning notices appearing on the Glenalbyn site in the coming days and the context for those notices is as above [Note : a copy of the actual planning application will be held in the Club Office for perusal by members]. I look forward in the coming period to engaging with the membership so that we can together make the key decisions as regards the development direction of our great Club.

Kevin Foley


Kilmacud Crokes GAA Club.

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