Rialacha an Chomórtas
  1. The Division (Cup or Shield) and the Group for each team will be decided by the Organising Committee, which reserves the right to make changes due to factors such as late withdrawals.
  2. Before the commencement of the first match, each team must supply to the Organising Committee a list of the 10 players on that team’s panel. Where there are two teams from one club, no transfer of players between panels is allowed. These 10 players are the only players permitted to wear a club jersey, which must be numbered.
  3. A team fielding 15 minutes late will be liable to disqualification subject to the decision of the Official in charge of the ground.
  4. Each team shall complete its full allocation of matches, even if it has no prospect of progressing.
  5. Times of the games may vary between 8 and 10 minutes a half, depending on the group and venue. The duration of each match will be decided by the Organising Committee.
  6. There will be a three minute half-time break in each match.
  7. After each match, the referee is required to submit a report of the match to the Organising Official at the venue. The official score for the match shall be that submitted by the referee, and only those sanctions reported by the referee shall be acted upon.
  8. Teams with the highest points will be Group winners. In the event of a draw on points, score difference will apply (totals of goals and points scored minus goals and points conceded). Division 1 (Cup) and Division 2 (Shield) will run on the basis of two separate competitions.
  9. In the event of a draw in the knockout stages, 10 minutes extra time will be played. In the event of a draw following extra time, penalties shall be taken by three players from each team with two defenders in the goalmouth. If the teams are still level, the remainder of the panel should continue the penalty taking on a sudden-death basis.
  10. Should a player be put off with a straight red card, she may not play for the remainder of the competition and her club may only use the remaining players on its panel for the duration of the competition. Should a player be put off following two yellow cards, she is eligible to take a full part in the remainder of the competition after that match. Any sanction incurred in this competition shall not carry over to any other competition.
  11. Unlimited substitutions, on transfer of a baton at the half-way line, can be made during stoppages in play, with the consent of the referee.
  12. The goalkeeper may not be tackled in the square while in possession of the ball.
  13. All puckouts must be taken from the square.
  14. Normal Camogie rules will apply in all other cases.
  15. Any disputes shall be brought to the Organising Committee and any decision taken by the Committee shall be final.

 Rialacha don Phoc Fhada

    1. One player from each of the teams registered in the Sevens Competition may take part in the Puc Fada Competition.
    2. Only standard hurleys may be used in the Puc Fada Competition.